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Executive Director Jack Janes and Peter Ross Range published in New York Times

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AICGS Executive Director Jack Janes and Peter Ross Range had their essay “Can Joachim Gauck make Germany Likable?” published in the New York Times Sunday Review Opinion page on Sunday, March 18, 2012. Germany is at a crossroads: become the Continent’s leader or be seen as the neighborhood bully. In a stroke… Read more >

The American Institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS) strengthens the American-German relationship in an evolving Europe and changing world. The Institute produces objective and original analyses of developments and trends in Germany, Europe, and the United States; creates new transatlantic networks among changing generations; and intensifies dialogue among the business, political, and academic communities to manage differences and define and promote common interests.

Affiliated with Johns Hopkins University, AICGS provides a comprehensive program of policy-relevant public conferences, research reports, networking events, and fellowships designed to advance the political, corporate, and scholarly constituencies it serves.

Drawing on experts on both sides of the Atlantic, AICGS produces original, independent analyses of the economic, political, historical, and cultural developments and trends that impact transatlantic relations.

Since 1986 AICGS has successfully implemented a series of competitive fellowship programs that support individuals working on cutting-edge areas of economic, policy, and cultural research. AICGS has nurtured a young generation of transatlanticists and provided a platform for established scholars in the field.

AICGS features high-level events with policymakers and business leaders as well as intimate, off-the-record roundtable discussions, which allow for a frank and open exchange across the Atlantic. AICGS provides its constituency with a wide variety of analyses ranging from in-depth policy reports of a single issue of importance to Germany and the United States to salient essays on current events and relevant topics.

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Foreign & Domestic Policy Program

Explores the factors shaping important domestic and foreign policy debates in the United States, Germany, and Europe as they pertain to German-American relations. The Foreign and Domestic Policy Program includes analysis of International Security Issues and on Energy and Climate Policy.

Business & Economics Program

Generates insights into the institutional, political, cultural, and historical factors that shape our responses to deepening economic integration and the challenges of globalization. Current issues in the Business & Economics Program include the Crisis of the Euro and Health Care Reform.

Society, Culture & Politics Program

Enhances understanding culture on German-American relations and analyzes how cultural beliefs and values, historical experiences, and shifting conceptions of national identity shape perspectives and policy. Currently focused on issues of Muslim Integration and efforts of Reconciliation in Europe and Asia.