Jack Janes

Dr. Jackson Janes

Executive Director

Susanne Dieper

Ms. Susanne Dieper

Administrative Director

Lynn Van Norstrand

Ms. Lynn Van Norstrand

Director of Finance and Development

Kimberly Frank

Ms. Kimberly Frank

Program and Database Coordinator

Jessica Riester

Ms. Jessica Riester

Managing Editor/Financial Associate

Brian Veber

Mr. Brian Veber

Communications Coordinator

Kirsten Verclas

Ms. Kirsten Verclas

Senior Program Manager

Cyrelle White

Ms. Cyrelle White

Development Coordinator

Senior Fellow in Residence

Lily Gardner Feldman

Dr. Lily Gardner Feldman

Harry and Helen Gray Senior Fellow
Director, Society, Culture & Politics Program

Alexander Privitera

Mr. Alexander Privitera

Senior Fellow
Senior Editor, AICGS Advisor

Senior Fellows

Gale Mattox

Dr. Gale Mattox

Professor of Political Science, United States Naval Academy

Tim Stuchtey

Dr. Tim Stuchtey

Director, Business & Economics Program
Managing Director, Brandenburg Institute for Society and Security (BIGS)


Mr. Sebastian Beckmann

American University

Ms. Allison Gibbs

Georgetown University