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Forging the Future of Germany and Europe: Reflections on 20 Years of German Unification

Cover Forging the future of Germany and Europe

The questions, choices, and decisions that Germany of 2010 faces today are vastly different than those the two Germanys confronted over two decades ago. This special publication, made possible by the Dräger Foundation, looks back not only at the changes in Germany as they unfolded in 1989 and 1990, but offers views on Germany’s role in Europe and the world in the decades to come.

Battle for the Bundestag – The German Election of 2009

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Germany’s historical background, its many linkages with Central and Eastern Europe, and its geographic proximity make it Europe’s most important actor in Eastern Policy. This prominence also makes Germany vital for a solid transatlantic framework to support both the Obama administration’s efforts to redesign relations with Russia and overall Euro-American engagement in the EU’s neighborhood. The Bundestag elections in September will bring changes mostly at the margins of German foreign policy, as key aspects are examples of cross-party consensus…

A New Map for American-German Relations: Memorandum to the New U.S. President

The European Union is a powerful group of states seeking to pool their resources. But it remains a work in progress, uneven in its economic and political consensus and in its ability to steer its capabilities. As long as Europe continues the process of defining itself, the U.S. will need to be in direct communication with the key national leaders in European capitals, such as Chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin. Although the U.S.’ focus is no longer on Europe as it was during the Cold War, the transatlantic partnership—and Germany—continues to play an important role.

And the Winner Is… The German Election of 2005

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German Chancellor Gerhard Schröder’s announcement on May 22, 2005 of early national parliamentary elections took many Europeans by surprise…

A Spirit of Reason – Festschrift for Steven Muller

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