Dr. Asiye Kaya

Asiye Kaya is a social scientist, and is currently a DAAD Visiting Professor at the BMW Center for German and European Studies. Dr Kaya is associated with the Center for Transdisciplinary Gender Studies, Humboldt University Berlin and a non-resident fellow in the program “Society, Culture and Politics” at the American institute for Contemporary German Studies (AICGS). Having studied Pedagogic at Gazi University in Ankara-Turkey, Educational Sciences and Sociology as well as Turkish studies at Humboldt University and Freie University in Berlin, she received her PhD in Social Science from Georg-August-University in Göttingen-Germany in 2006. Her teaching and research focuses on migration theories and comparative migration policies/politics in Europe and North America, social inequality, minority and majority figurations, formation of belongings, gender and intergenerational relations, qualitative and interpretative research methods and methodologies – especially biographical research. Beside her academic experiences, she has also worked for many years with various NGO’s (working with children, youth and women with migrant backgrounds) in Germany. She is currently working on a comparative project Germany-U.S., migration regimes and their effects on formation of belonging for migrant groups.

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Migration, Migrant Policies and Changing Cultures of Belongings: Alevis from Turkey in Germany and the United States


Most migration studies tend to ignore the extent to which formal immigration and integration policies of the receiving countries affect the formation of feelings of collective belonging among immigrants. This is an aspect of particular importance when examining the experiences of migrants who came from countries where they had already existed as minority groups…