Ms. Constance Baban

Constance Pary Baban is a Non-Resident Fellow in the Foreign and Domestic Policy Program of AICGS and will be a Visiting Fellow at Brandenburgisches Institut für Gesellschaft und Sicherheit (BIGS) in Potsdam from January to March 2012. Her field of expertise includes security policy with a focus on domestic and national security policy in Germany, and within a European framework. In her research she specializes on the examination of security policy change through the analysis of political discourse as well as on the interrelation between security policy communication and democratic leadership.

Ms. Baban is currently completing her PhD thesis at the Faculty of Humanities at Leibniz University of Hanover in Germany on ‘The Discursive Construction of Domestic Security Policy Change in Germany. A triangulated approach to the analysis of the Federal Political Discourse on Domestic Security (2001-2009)’. Her main research interests include the interrelation between language, discourse and policy change with a particular focus on discourse analysis, policy analysis and political communication.

In the summer and fall of 2010 she was both a DAAD/AICGS Fellow and a Visiting Fellow at AICGS. During her stay at AICGS she explored the Europeanization of Germany’s Domestic Security Policy (AICGS Transatlantic Perspectives, November 2010). She also published an essay entitled  ‘Reflections on Twenty Years of German Reunification – The younger Generation’  in a special issue of the AICGS Advisor ‘Celebrating Twenty Years of German Unification’ (October 1, 2010, AICGS Advisor, #19).

Ms. Baban holds a Magistra Artium degree in German Linguistics and Political Science from Leibniz University Hanover as well as in Media and Communication Studies from the Institute for Journalism and Communication Research at the Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media. She gained additional experience in her field of research as both a student and graduate assistant with Leibniz University’s Faculty of Humanities. Ms. Baban also gained extensive experience in the political sector by working in the Department for Public Relations and Protocol of the Lower Saxony State Parliament in Hanover for several years.

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Ms. Constance Baban's Archive

The Idea of the European Union as an Area of Freedom, Security, and Justice: Exploring the Europeanization of Germany’s Domestic Security Policy


DAAD/AICGS Fellow Ms. Constance Baban explores the impact of the idea of the European Union as an area of freedom, security, and justice on Germany’s domestic security policy in the context of 9/11, and how the challenges of ‘Europeanization’ have been confronted within Germany’s security policy debate. Ms. Baban discusses actual changes in domestic security policy, but also focuses on the political and media discourse and how this has affected the outcome of several security policies since 9/11.