Ms. Henriette Rytz

Henriette Rytz is a researcher at the German Institute for international and Security Studies (SWP), a Berlin-based foreign-policy think tank, and a PhD candidate in the political science department at the Free University of Berlin. As a member of SWP’s research division, ‘The Americas,’ her areas of expertise include U.S. domestic politics and U.S. foreign policy, immigration and diasporas in the U.S., and the role of cultural identities in international relations.

Ms. Rytz holds a bachelor’s degree in ‘European Studies’ from the University of Osnabrück and a master’s degree in ‘International Relations’ from the Free University of Berlin, Humboldt University Berlin, and University of Potsdam. After her studies, she consolidated her strong interest in American politics by working as a Lantos/Humanity in Action Congressional Fellow in the U.S. House of Representatives in 2006. In her dissertation under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Thomas Risse, Ms. Rytz scrutinizes the role of ethnic interest groups in U.S. foreign-policy making, with a particular focus on the Cuban-American community. In 2009/2010, she conducted research towards her dissertation as an International Fox Fellow at Yale University. Ms. Rytz’ professional experience also includes working as a project manager and research assistant at SWP Berlin.

During her DAAD/AICGS Fellowship in September and October, Ms. Rytz will explore the differences and commonalities of ethnic political activism in foreign-policy making in the United States and Germany. In particular, she will compare the different attitudes towards immigration and their implications for the political participation of immigrants in the foreign-policy realm.

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Immigrants in Foreign Policy Making in Germany and the U.S.: Two Very Different Struggles to Embrace Diversity


In a globalized world, domestic politics no longer stop at the water’s edge, as transnational actors have emerged who push beyond existing borders. Some are driven by hybrid identities that reach beyond the contours of the nation-state. These ethnic interest groups represent immigrants and pursue a particular interest in foreign policy toward… Read more >

“Ich bin ein Berliner”- The Immigrant vote in the Berlin elections of 2011


In her essay entitled “‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ – The immigrant vote in the Berlin elections of 2011,” current DAAD/AICGS Fellow Henriette Rytz examines the role, or lack thereof, that immigrants play in Berlin’s elections. While the parties may focus on the issue of integration for immigrant voters, this may not be in line with their real concerns as citizens of both Berlin and Germany.