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The Agenda

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Alexander Privitera

AICGS Senior Fellow Alexander Privitera looks at the IMF/World Bank spring meetings, which will continue to keep the spotlight on Europe. Despite some recent improvements, the message for Europeans is unchanged: more homework needs to be done and the time to complete it dwindling.

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The French Elections and the Franco-German Equation

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In advance of the French Presidential elections, Executive Director Jack Janes examines the changing parameters of Franco-German relations in light of the challenges both countries currently face. If Francois Hollande becomes the new President, any resulting changes in the continuity of one the most important bi-national relationships in Europe will be felt beyond the borders of Germany and France.

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What Really Must Be Said

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As the dust slowly begins to settle following the uproar created by Günter Grass’s poem on Israel’s military stance towards Iran, Harry & Helen Gray Senior Fellow Dr. Lily Gardner Feldman takes an opportunity to highlight four lessons that relate to a larger context surrounding this affair: the depth, complexity, and fundamental stability of German-Israeli relations.

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