Innovation is essential if countries want to remain competitive in the globalized economy. Whether discussing the role of universities in promoting innovation, or analyzing German and American science and technology policies to promote green energy, AICGS’ research on innovation is an important tool for understanding how innovation can enhance German-American relations and the position of both countries in a globalized world.

A Small Step for the German Government, a Giant Leap for Germany’s Universities

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AICGS Senior Fellow Dr. Tim Stuchtey explains the attempts at constitutional reform in Germany regarding higher education and the positive outcomes of such a move.

The Digital Society


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Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft

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The “creative economy” is an important economic factor in Germany, write former Deutsche Bank/AICGS Fellow Thomas Dapp and Philipp Ehmer, producing goods and services worth over 60 billion euros in 2009. The industry has significant growth potential for the future, but some changes within the sector are necessary – namely some changes to copyright and patent statutes – to achieve the maximum growth potential.

American Education Reform Process in Isolation

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While American education policy has mostly been conducted at the local level, recent reform efforts have been enacted at the federal level. These reforms, however, have been conducted in ‘isolation’ and with minimal consideration for international evaluations like the OECD’s PISA studies, writes Dr. Kerstin Martens, AICGS Visiting Fellow in fall 2010. Why are such reforms carried out independently of international studies? Dr. Martens examines this issue in her essay.