Innovation is essential if countries want to remain competitive in the globalized economy. Whether discussing the role of universities in promoting innovation, or analyzing German and American science and technology policies to promote green energy, AICGS’ research on innovation is an important tool for understanding how innovation can enhance German-American relations and the position of both countries in a globalized world.

The New Role of Universities in the Twenty-first Century: Universities as Engines of Innovation and Entrepreneurial Hubs

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Universities can be a driving force for innovation, as discussed in this Policy Report

Innovation in the United States and Germany: The Future

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As mature, post-industrial economies, the United States and Germany confront a promising, if uncertain, future in the realm of innovation. How they approach that future—what they choose to do and not to do; what they find themselves able and unable to do—could prove to be decisive in determining their ability to maintain high living standards at home and a modicum of socio-economic stability both within and outside the Trans-Atlantic partnership…

Innovation in the United States and Germany: Case Studies


As two pillars of the global economy, the status and future of applied innovation in the U.S.-German partnership constitutes a long term challenge to decision-makers on both sides of the Atlantic, albeit for slightly different, if convergent, reasons…

Women and Entrepreneurship in Germany

The great Austrian economist, Joseph Schumpeter, argued that it is entrepreneurs, or ‘wild spirits,’ who inspire innovation and technological change in a nation. Schumpeter coined the German word “Unternehmergeist,” which literally means “entrepreneurial spirit,” and reasoned that it is entrepreneurs who make the economy of a country strong…

Innovation in the United States and Germany

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As economic ties between the United States and Germany have grown steadily deeper and more intertwined, economic performance in one country increasingly affects the transatlantic partnership as a whole…